NYC Vegeterian Food Festival

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MARCH 14th & 15th 2015 • 11am - 6pm BOTH DAYS


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Product Review: Nutiva Hemp Protein                 After being asked where I get my protein from for the millionth time (it ain’t easy being a plant-based personal trainer in NYC), the next question is sometimes “Which protein powders do you use?”   I personally use a few different protein […]

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A Daily Diet of Civil Rights   Civility at the dinner table has long been a value of mine. Taking care not to speak ill of others, engage in arguments, or discuss disturbing news contributes to a pleasant dining experience. Increasingly, though, I’ve come to view it as much more than having decent manners and […]


First, the good news. The New York Times ran a prominent story about the company “Beyond Meat,” and the story highlighted the fact that the flavor and texture of the company’s plant-based chicken strips are indistinguishable from the taste of the charred flesh of an actual slaughtered bird. This is progress. So what’s the bad […]

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Establishment: Jivamukti                                  Meal: Supergreen Salad -Spirulina, coleslaw, romaine lettuce, spinach, millet, One of the coolest places to grab a bite and relax in the city is the Jivamukti cafe, located in Union Square. I’m not much of a spiritual […]


Three Steps for Finding the Perfect Vegan Wedding Vendors By Sarah Prager Congratulations on your engagement! Besides your in-laws, some of the new people you’ll be inviting into your life are your wedding vendors. Finding the right people to entrust with your plans for your big days can be stressful, but using these three strategies […]