NYC Vegeterian Food Festival

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MAY 7th & 8th 2016 • 11am - 6pm BOTH DAYS


Ronnie V Cow has a special glint in his eye, or is it just the way the light is shining on his face? Ronnie V is my colleague at Animal Hero Kids. Our mission is to inspire, empower and recognize compassionate kids and teens around the world. Ronnie V helps give humane education presentations and […]

by Steve Meyerowitz Author of Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet Join me for an inner oil change and a tune up. Let’s roll back the clock to a time when you felt stronger, lighter, and happier. I’m on day 7 of my just juice diet and although it’s true that I’ve done this many times […]

 Joel Kahn MD       Years ago when I was a resident physician, I read Diet for a New America by John Robbins and chose to practice a vegan diet as the core of my health maintenance program. I want to explain why I continue to eat, shop and dine in this manner in the face of so […]

Maria Marlowe, CHC Integrative Nutrition Health & Weight Loss Coach maria@mariamarlowe.com (917) 642-1223 www.mariamarlowe.com Facebook   Instagram   Twitter Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or have been eating that way for years, you’re bound to hear the question “Where do you get your protein?” with some frequency. Or, people will be amazed that you could […]

By Jerry H. Parisella What’s not to like about a filet mignon with bernaise sauce, foie gras with a glass of sauterne, or al dente spaghetti with veal meatballs? What’s more mouth watering than a juicy cheeseburger on a toasted bun, apple-stuffed grilled sausages, or barbecued pulled pork? Who doesn’t have fond memories of digging […]