NYC Vegeterian Food Festival

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MARCH 1st & 2nd 2014 • 11am - 6pm BOTH DAYS


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Establishment: Jivamukti                                  Meal: Supergreen Salad -Spirulina, coleslaw, romaine lettuce, spinach, millet, One of the coolest places to grab a bite and relax in the city is the Jivamukti cafe, located in Union Square. I’m not much of a spiritual […]


Three Steps for Finding the Perfect Vegan Wedding Vendors By Sarah Prager Congratulations on your engagement! Besides your in-laws, some of the new people you’ll be inviting into your life are your wedding vendors. Finding the right people to entrust with your plans for your big days can be stressful, but using these three strategies […]


Paradise Health at Any Age I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good. I woke up not long ago thinking, “This is the craziest thing: I’m a hair shy of those senior-citizen discounts and I feel sensational.” I knew it was what health advocate, Arnold Ehret, one hundred years ago called “Paradise Health.” […]

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     Late-breaking and excitement-inducing news! Carlos Anaya, the host for MY Lifestyle Extra on Fox News Latino, will make a special guest appearance at the NYCVFF! Carlos has been recognized as one of the 25 most influential young Latino leaders in New York by National Latino Leaders Magazine. He’s the managing editor forMY Lifestyle […]

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Extended family gatherings were infrequent when I was young. But when my cousins, my brother, and I did see each other, a game of touch football was in order. Our college-going uncle served as quarterback for both teams, and most plays involved a pass towards the end zone. If we were playing behind my great-grandparents’ […]